Login Errors - Common Causes and Fixes
Four common reasons for login problems are:

1. Passwords must be "exact." Capitals, lower case, no extra spaces, etc.
Solution: Copy/Paste them directly from our welcome letter.
2. Browser cache is full and you are sending old saved data from your computer.
Solution: delete browser cache and restart browser.

How to: In MS Explorer, go to tools / internet options / select "Delete
             Files" and click "Delete all offline content" Then click OK.
3. You have turned your "cookies" off in your browser. Cookies are used
    to validate your passwords. They must be allowed.
Solution: turn cookies back on.

How to: In MS Explorer, go to tools / internet options / privacy / set to
             medium and click "Apply"
4. You are accessing from behind a firewall.
Solution: talk to your IT manager to have access restored. (this
               is rarely a problem if you are accessing from home. Usually it
               is work related).
  • If none of the above suggestions work, please send us the error message
        (copy/paste) you get when you are denied access to the website.

         Send to: support@joeduarteinthemoneyoptions.com

        We are here during normal business hours, and check frequently on weekends.
        We will get back to you a soon as possible.