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Software: Forex Trading

  • MotiveWave: Stocks, Futures, Options and Forex Trading/Analysis Platform - MotiveWave's Charting, Analysis and Trading Platform is designed to make trading and market analysis easier. Advanced easy-to-use charts support analysis techniques including Elliott Wave Theory. Use Multiple Monitors. Trade directly from charts.

  • CompuTrade A provider of a powerful currency trading software that shows you precisely how to make money trading currencies on your computer. We are committed to training to trade on the worlds largest financial market.

  • Dynastore Software Corp. Allows a trader to use Omega TradeStation (4 & 2000i) and Equis MetaStock Pro (6.52 & 7.0) with data feeds that are not supported by these programs originally.

  • ECTX Electronic Commerce Trade Exchange, Realtime trading technology designed to enable Brokers to trade with both the Retail and Institutional sectors over the Internet. Trade Forex and/or Stocks with Stop/Limit-orders, realtime accounting, charting, backoffice, margin/order monitor with auto-execution.

  • e-market-online supplies secure real time, easy & friendly Internet trading applications to trade financial markets to Broker, Banks (B2B) and customers (B2C). We have the Forex market maker front and back office system you need.

  • Forex Trader 2.0 Exclusive source of Forex Trader and Market Skill-Builder FX, for foreign currency trading simulation programs that help you learn and perfect your currency trading skills before you place real money at risk.

  • Global Forex Trading, LTD We offer excellent internet based order entry software and free live demo accounts to prospective clients. Our software trades over 40 currency pairs 24 hours a day and is supported by a 24 hour dealing desk.

  • IFX Markets Primary market makers in spot and forward foreign exchange, bullion, base metals, OTC options and equity CFDs. IFX makes fast tight two-way prices continuously 24 hours a day to professional traders, money managers and experienced individuals.

  • Intutechnics Pronet International Technical Traderstation (ITTS) - the preferred choice for professional traders in busy markets. And ITTS - the power of the International Technical TraderStation combined with the ease of access of the World Wide Web. provides access to our analytic servers and fully maintained and sanitised historical time series data.

  • Home of Millennium, the only trading software with built in systems, signals for currencies. No guesswork, no math, no "simple" language to learn. Free trial and quotes in multiple formats. QuoteData... signaling the way to financial security.